CHRIS - Guitarist / Vocalist - draws on decades of experience.
CHRIS performs with PASSION.
CHRIS takes the audience on a journey through time.

CHRIS embraces the challenge of crafting a dynamic portrayal of songs - some  original & some traditional - Classic Rock & Blues from the 50's, 60's & 70's - on both acoustic and electric guitar.
CHRIS adds vocals and the focus remains FUN!
CHRIS has performed on the festival stages in central Illinois including: Budweiser Illinois Blues Festival, Miller Lite Illinois Blues Festival, Budweiser Grand Nationals, Summer Camp, Taste of Peoria, Frost Yer Buns and more.
CHRISco-founded the successful Los Angels-based Blues-Rock trio, LIAR’S DICE. He co-wrote, played the guitars and sang on the self-titled album. The album contained the original song “Don’t Change the Answer” which climbed to #2 on KSYM-FM in San Antonio, Texas. The song also reached #4 on WWVU-FM in Charleston, West Virginia. Two other songs on the album, a blues-rock cover of the Ides of March “Vehicle” and original song “Like-A-Roller” both climbed to #5 on WERG-FM in Erie, Pennsylvania.
CHRIS spent years playing ‘cover songs’ and learning the signature licks of the masters which helps
him bring a passionate, improvisational style of guitar and vocals to the studio and live performance stage.

I Just Want to Make Love

Photo : Ching Zedric

  • 3:17


  • 2:13

Photo by : Ching Zedric

  Here's a link to a live video.    

  "Everybody I talked to loved your set."
                     Robert Satler
                     Promoter, ARKFEST


Photo : Steve HIatt

  • 2:19

Chris Stevens


Chris  also gives expert instruction. Watch and listen to this podcast as Chris gives some great tips on how to play Blues guitar like the professionals

Blues in the Delta

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Photo : Christy Heaton

Photo : Mary Stevens

  • 3:34

  • 2:50


BLUES Traditional

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Hit Songs

  "Your songs are great and will fit in well. I picked four songs for Delta Boogie Radio."

Larry "Hairy Larry" Heyl - Delta Boogie Radio Brookland, Arkansas  

  "I like your songs very much and your way of playing blues guitar."

Hans Altin - Blues Radio - Huddinge Sweden  

  "I loved your songs and would be pleased to add them to my playlist."

Sherry - Misty Blue Cafe - Internet Radio - Redwood, CA

Photo : Ching Zedric

  • Stormy Monday4:12

Don't Change the Answer

reached #2 on KSYM-FM

San Antonio, TX

reached #4 on WWVU-FM

Charleston, West Virginia

Chris Stevens

Don't Change the Answer

Photo : Danny Meyer

Photo : Ching Zedric

A.M. Blues

  • 2:13

Can't Find My Way Home

  • 2:44

Photo : Christy Heaton

  • 3:39

Like-A-Roller &

the Cover of Vehicle

both reached #5 on WERG-FM

Erie, PA


Photo : Sherry Parker

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2019 Shows

  1-2 Faithful Pilot

  1-5 Jamie's Outpost

  2-2  Uptown BIll's

  2-16 Vendetta's Party

  3-9 Highlands Fine Food

  3-23 Starlights Theatre

  4-13 Knox County Brewing Co.

  4-20 Easter Egg Hunt, LeClaire, IA

  4-27 Celebration of Life

  5-11 Uptown Bill's

  5-12 Highlands Fine Food

  5-18 Psycho Silo

  5-19 Hawg House Saloon

  5-24 Hy Vee, Clinton, IA

  5-25 Black Rose

  6-8 Flatted Fifth Blues & BBQ

  6-15 Geneseo Music Festival

  6-18 Bolier Room

  6-24 Brown Bag Concert

  6-28 Fourth Friday, Morton, IL

  7-4 Psycho Silo

  7-6 Fat Daddy'z

  7-12 The ARTery

  7-13 Zoomie's

  7-23 Tuesday Bluesday

  7-27 Private party

  8-2 Music in the Garden

Messing With the Kid

Chris Stevens


Sunrise Blues

 STEP by STEP a Guitar Method Book.

Chris worked in the studios in Los Angeles throughout the 1980's.

This Method will give you all the information

you need to play like the professionals.

You will learn the "Nashville Number System"

plus learn how to:

Form the real scales, the real 7th chords,

how to count, and more 'insider' tips and tricks.

STEP by STEP is available on CD for $19.95 plus $3 for shipping first class.

Send questions or orders with your name & snail mail address to

 CHRIS - guitarist / vocalist

draws on decades of experience to perform a variety of styles suitable for YOUR show, event, party or....

  CHRIS can rock the house with both electric & acoustic


50's - 60's - 70's

  CHRIS also performs Classic Rock / Pop, & Electric music with the Classic Rock & Rockin' Blues band INDUSTRIAL WOOD.

  Blues & Beyond Review by R. Mark Rhodes
  Paragould Daily Press - Paragould, Arkansas

  Jimi Hendrix once said “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel,” and there are
many musicians out there who fall into this trap. However Chris Stevens is not one of them. His album “Blues & Beyond” is a mixture of original and cover acoustic blues that you can feel all the way down to your soul.

  The third cover on the album is track eight, a cover of Peter Green's "Black Magic Woman", first recorded by Fleetwood Mac, but made famous by Carlos Santana. Steven's version is an instrumental acoustic version and I really enjoy the slow smooth tempo of the song.

  I really liked the album. All the songs have a slow melodious groove that is perfect to put on while entertaining, relaxing or playing in the background while working. If you are a fan of the blues you will want this for your collection. If you are not a blues fan you should still check out this album as I think you will immediately become a convert. I wish the packaging had been better, but money is probably an issue considering the fact of not having a major label behind him.

  "Blues & Beyond" gets a 'B.'

2018 Shows

  1-13 Elks Club 

  1-27 Highlands Fine Food & Whiskey House

  2-10 Delta on the Square

  3-9 Hy-Vee, Clinton, IA

  3-15 Office on Main

  3-17 Black Rose, LeClaire, IA

  3-31 LeClaire Easter Egg Hunt

  3-31 Highlands Fine Food & Whiskey House

  4-6 Hy-Vee, Clinton, IA

  4-13 The ARTery Party

  4-27 Mt. Hawley Country Club

  4-28 Elks Club

  4-29 Psycho Silo

  5-12 Boondocks

  5-19 American Legion, Cambridge, IL

  5-26 Crescent City Tap

  5-28 Psycho Silo

  5-31 Kuchies on the Water

  6-2 Boondocks

  6-7 Obed & Issac's Microbrewery

  6-8 Kelleher's Pub

  6-9 Vendetta's Party

  6-16 Geneseo Music Festival

 6-16 Red's Bar & Grill

  6-23 Psycho Silo

  6-23 Highlands Fine Food & Whiskey House

  6-28 Kuchie's on the Water

  7-7 Chiefs Bar & Grille

  7-14 Second Saturday - Muscatine, Iowa

  7-20 Psycho Silo

  7-21 Kewanee Dunes Golf Club

  7-22 Levitt AMP Concert Series Dinner

  7-28 Bishop Hill Creative Commons

  8-4 Beach Part with Coco Loco

  8-9 Kuchies on the Water

  8-10 ARKfest Music Festival

  8-11 Psycho Silo

  8-13 Brown Bag Concert

  8-18 Cannabis Summer Camp

  8-24 Spirit of Peoria Moonlight Cruise

  9-1 Psycho Silo

  9-7 Bereskin Gallery & Art Academy

  9-8 Crescent City Tap

  9-13 Kuchies on the Water

  9-14 The ARTery

  9-15 Hawg House Saloon

  9-22 Spirit of Peoria

  9-29 Highlands Fine Food & Whiskey House

10- 4 156 East

10- 5  Hawg House Saloon

10-12 Corner Connection

10-17 Courtyard Estates

10-27 Linda Lou's 116 Club

11-3 Uptown Bill's

11-9 Private party

11-10 Highlands Fine Food

11-17 Sessions with Skinny

11-21 Hawg House Saloon

11-24 The Frontier

12-7 The ARTery party

12-15 Private party

12-22 Private party

12-31 Hawg House Saloon