People sometimes ask why I play musical instruments and sing, Music is the expression of inner feelings. I particularly enjoy playing acoustic as there is nowhere to hide. I can't duck behind volume, distortion, or effects. Plain pure & simple musical expression.

  Guitar & Vocals





Photo : Ching Zedric

  Years spent learning the signature licks of Eric     Clapton, Freddie King & more helpCHRISplay a smooth, improvisational style of Guitar coupled with passionate performance.

Photo : Christy Heaton

Photo : Christy Heaton



About Chris

Photo : Ching Zedric


  CHRIS - plays songs so the audience will have fun.

  CHRIS - plays the 'hits' of the 50's - 60's & 70's.

  CHRIS - provides the right mood for your event mellow background, or show-stopping, concert.

CHRIS has played every festival stage in central Illinois including: The Peoria Blues & Heritage Festival Budweiser Illinois Blues Festival Miller Lite Illinois Blues Festival, Grand Nationals, Ham n' Jam, Frost Yer Buns, Louie Louie & more.

  I write songs as well as play your favorite covers.

  CHRIS co-founded the successful Los Angeles

  Blues Rock trio Liar's Dice

  CHRIS co-wrote and sang on the self-titled

  album. The song "Don't Change the Answer"

  climbed to #2 on KSYM-FM, San Antonio, TX

  and #4 on WWVU-FM Charleston, WV

  Two other songs on the album, original song

  "Like-A-Roller" & a blues-rock cover of the

  Ides of March "Vehicle" both climbed to #5 on

  WERG-FM, Erie, PA