People sometimes ask why I play

  musical instruments and sing, Music is

  the expression of inner feelings.

  I particularly enjoy playing acoustic as

  there is nowhere to hide. I can't duck

  behind volume, distortion, or effects.

  Plain pure & simple musical expression.

Chris Stevens

Don't Change the Answer

  • 3:06


Photo : Christy Heaton


  • 2:50

Photo : Christy Heaton

Photo : Christy Heaton

Cover Song

  • 3:17

Photo : Christy Heaton

Photo : Tom Foley

Chris Stevens


Two Original Rock Tunes

  Decades of professional experience help CHRISbring the guitar licks you remember & the vocals you enjoy in a humorous and energetic manner.

  CHRIS has played every festival stage in central Illinois including: The Peoria Blues & Hertitage Festival Budweiser Illinois Blues Festival Miller Lite Illinois Blues Festival, Grand Nationals, Ham n' Jam, Frost Yer Buns, Louie Louie & more

About Me

Chris Stevens


  CHRIS plays songs so the audience will have fun.

  CHRIS can perform the vocal-focused songs of the Beatles,

              and more, as instrumental songs.

  CHRIS also plays the powerful groove of the Rolling Stones

              Eric Clapton and more.

  CHRIS provides the right mood for your event

              mellow background, or show-stopping, concert.

  Years spent learning the signature   

   licks of Eric Clapton, Freddie King

  Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy & more

  CHRIS play a smooth, improvisational

  style of guitar coupled with passionate


  I write songs as well as play your favorite covers.

  CHRIS co-founded the successful Los Angeles

  Blues Rock trio Liar's Dice

  CHRIS co-wrote and sang on the self-titled

  album. The song "Don't Change the Answer"

  climbed to #2 on KSYM-FM, San Antonio, TX

  and #4 on WWVU-FM Charleston, WV

  Two other songs on the album, original song

  "Like-A-Roller" & a blues-rock cover of the

  Ides of March "Vehicle" both climbed to #5 on

  WERG-FM, Erie, PA


  Guitar & Vocals :